CyberSecurity for Robotics 2019 – CSfR2019

Program                                              19.11.19

08.30 welcome coffee & registrations
09.00 Opening notes – introduction & welcome Ulrich Seldeslachts, Executive Director LSEC & Chair CSfR2019



BIND4.0, Basque Cybersecurity

09.20 Opening Keynote – the evolving robotics landscape, developments, challenges and opportunities for the Robotics manufacturers ecosystems. Tom Ryden, Executive Director MassRobotics
10.00 Cybersecurity challenges Part 1
10.05 Cybersecurity Considerations for (Care) Robots E. Fosch Villaronga and T. Mahler
10.25 Remote Attack to disable MiR100 safety Bernhard Dieber, Austria
10.45 Robotics threat model Endika Gil, Alias Robotics
11.05 Industry Keynote – DIY robots developments and evolutions Limor Schweizer, CEO RoboSavvy
RoboSavvy Ltd. specialises in sales, distribution, development and support of robotic and DIY products for the hobby, education and research markets worldwide. We host the most popular online community for humanoid robot builders and sell essential parts for the creation of robots and gadgets. With a wide range of products including humanoid robots, 3D printers, DIY electronics and sensors, RoboSavvy is a leading source of materials and knowledge in the area.
11.00 Cybersecurity Solutions Part 1
11.40 Modelling and Deploying a Honeypot Architecture for Robotics Environments Francisco Rodriguez Lera
12.00 Ubiquitous safe through RobMoSys Estibaliz Amparan
12.20 TEE & Sancus
12.50 Lunch & moderated networking discussions Jan-Tobias Muehlberg, KU Leuven
14.00 Policy recommendations keynote : robotics public private partnership robotics vision European Robotics Forum
Aimee van Wynsberghe
Aimee van Wynsberghe was born in London, Ontario, CA. She has a background in music theater and went on to receive a Bachelors of Science in Cell Biology (University of Western Ontario, with Honours). She completed a masters degree in both Applied Ethics (KU Leuven) and Bio Ethics (Erasmus Mundus, Cum Laude). She completed her PhD at the University of Twente under the supervision of Prof. Philip Brey. Her dissertation was entitled Designing Robots with Care: Creating an ethical framework for the future design and implementation of care robots.
14.40 Cybersecurity Challenges part 2
14.45 Thilo Zimmerman, Fraunhofer IME
15.05 HomeRun Robotics
15.45 Coffee Break
16.15 Cybersecurity Solutions part 2
16.20 Hardware Security Module (HSM) component resolving basic security functionalities Stefano An
16.40 Offensive testing tools to improve awareness and exercises Alias Robotics
17.00 Identification and identity assurance for
17.20 Technology keynote : cryptographic options for Cybersecurity in Robotics
17.50 CSfR2019 conclusions and overview – identifying gaps and challenges
18.30 Industry Panel Discussion Universal Robotics




19.30 Network reception & drinks