Cybersecurity for Robotics Conference (CSfR) 2019 Call for Papers

Organizers are calling for abstracts, titles and contributors topics and suggestions now until August 31st.

Papers and presentation proposals can be sent in to a Call for Papers by October 31st.

The call papers can be sent in via easychair : or via email on CSfR2019 at

Information on the Call For Papers :

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Potential topics of interest

The organizers are looking for for contributions of ongoing and planned research on topics on cybersecurity for robotics and related, such as but not limited to :

Abstracts & Full papers describing


  • cybersecurity challenges, vulnerabilities and assessments for robotic systems
  • holistic approaches and risk perspectives of robotics cyber security within manufacturing and other operational environments
  • frameworks for detection and mitigation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities in
  • cyber-physical approaches to robotic systems
  • analysis of the robotics manufacturing environments for cybersecurity
  • cybersecurity issues and cybersecurity architectures for robotics
  • standards and standard developments relevant for cybersecurity for robotics
  • ROS & ROS2 cybersecurity developmentss
  • cybersecurity in AI for robotics
  • securing realtime communication in robotics platforms
  • applying 5G security concepts in real-time robotic systems
  • security development lifecycle for robotic developments
  • privacy and safety in relation to cybersecurity of robotics an autonomous systems
  • cybersecurity in distributed robotic frameworks
  • embedded systems cybersecurity technologies for robotics
  • methods and technologies and orchestration for cybersecurity management of robotic systems
  • cryptographic technologies for embedded devices, robotic systems, real-time communication systems and robot system management
  • enhanced user access technologies for industrial systems, robotic systems and autonomous platforms
  • robotic end protection technologies
  • robotic system monitoring and application of cyber threat intelligence
  • cybersecurity for robot swarms and robotic drones
  • privacy enhancing technologies for robotic systems

Posters describing


  • System and embedded security on industrial robot systems with agents or agentless.Integrating robot systems in the overall industrial security architecture and orchestrating a cybersecurity defense strategy
  • Real-time robot communications systems : crypto, monitoring and control frameworks
  • Applying existing Cybersecurity technologies such as white listing, white boxing, security by design and advanced analytics for threat detection and prevention
  • Robots and Privileged Access Management
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence and Security incident management reporting for industrial robot environments
  • Robot Application (Development and Run Time) Security
  • Cyberphysical convergence, using both physical Robot and environmental sensors in combination with advanced threat detection
  • Application of Cybersecurity standards and frameworks for Robotics
  • Security for Cloud and IoT applied to Robots
  • ROSploit
  • holistic approaches to Industrial Control Systems and robotic systems for agile manufactuting