Since 2016, thanks to some dedicated cybersecurity researchers around the world, a focus on CyberSecurity for Robotics was born. Rightfully so. As a continuous evolving landscape, cybersecurity becomes more important as more organizations, businesses, applications and equipment are getting continuously connected, but without the necessary considerations if these connected devices are properly secured. With the evolving connected robots, cobots, cloud operations and rightful considerations over production and business continuity, hijacking through ransomwares, and on top data integrity and personal physical and environmental safety and security, the concern of the researchers was rightfull. This website is intended to serve as a repository and guidance to these challenges, putting them in the right perspective and driving a community of CyberSecurity experts on robots throughout the world. If you are a factory using robots, a system integrator installing and maintaininig robot systems, a manufacturer designing and creating robots, a researcher focusing on robots or cybersecurity, or anybody in between, you’re welcome to join your views and expectations and support the further development of this community. Join our community events, dedicated CyberSecurity for Robotics events or partner hosted events (such as the European Robotics Forum). Welcome!